Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arashi no Shukudai-kun EP #9

Guest: Yasu Megumi
Summary: Sho starts off the show by asking Ogura-san about his hobby of photos and what he likes to take pictures of. Ogura-san answers with, "Nude girls, I guess." The boy's faces are so adorable, lol. Aiba follows up with, "Who's nudes are they?" and gets scolded. Sho asks if Ogura-san were to take photos of Arashi, would they be nude? Ogura-san replies that he is no interested in boys. Aiba proposes that Ogura-san should take their pass card photos. Ogura-san trumps the boys with his statement that he gets by with his face alone, lol.

Yasu Megumi's Homework: Investigate and submit different ways of eating nattou. Presenter: Aiba

When they reveal the nattou with sugar, Jun says that he used to do that but then he started worrying about diabetes. Yasu-san eats it and you can see Sho already on standby with his spoon, lmao. He asks if it's okay if he eats too and she said, "Is it okay if I have another bite?" Then she hands the bowl to Sho has the cutest happy face. He puts it in his mouth and pulls it out so it's all stringy and asks Ohno to hold the spoon.

After that, they move onto the not-so-popular nattou dishes. You can see Nino putting his forehead on Ohno's shoulder at one point. :)

Yasu Megumi, what did you did last night? Image #1: Got told she smelled like the Showa era by an elderly person.

Yasu-san is often told that she is old. She said that she has old male fans like Ogura-san. She basically calls Ogura-san an old man. They play "Sho Word" which is basically replying simultaneously with the word that comes to mind. The first topic is "one-shot gags" and Nino and Ogura-san said the same one, lol. Same generation? Next topic was "famous people. Speaking of Suzuki XX..." Ohno gets excited that he and Nino have the same answer, lol.

Image #2: Went home wearing her dramatic swimsuit.

She talks about her air-headed tendencies. Sho asks her if she had any hazy things when she was younger. She says that she would imagine a person's whole life. She tells the story of imagining Aikawa Sho-san and her doing things and when she really met him she almost said, "I was thinking about that time we went for curry," even though they never met before.

Arashi's Homework:
Experiement: Do you know of those interior decorating colliding balls? There are five steel balls in a row and when you crash the one on the end into the others, the one at the other end goes flying and returns. And they'll keep flying back and forth like that. That's the one. How many can you add on and still have it flying back and forth like that? Please, by all means, tell me what that limit is! Ohno handmade it up to a 100 balls.

Yasu-san reveals an unexpected side of her. She says that she specializes in tongue twisters. They get her to try some and well...

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