Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arashi no Shukudai-kun EP #8

Guest: Muroi Shigeru
Summary: Sho asks Ogura-san what his plans for the New Year are and Ogura-san answers with, "Shall we go golfling somewhere? Somewhere warm." Sho asks if he means he wants to invite Arashi and Ohno chimes in with his opinion, lol. The guest is introduced and they talk about her cats.

Muroi Shigura's Homework: Investigate and submit secret underground spaces that you know of. Presenter: Ohno

Muroi-san is afraid of earthquakes so crisis management has caused her a lot of nervousness. Ohno presents various underground spaces that includes a temple, church, and shelter. Since the guest was promoting her drama, "14 Year Old Mom", the show's homework for the audience is: "I detest that kind of age 14." Sho asks Muroi-san how she was at 14. Then they showed a picture of Ogura-san when he was 14!

Image #1: Age 14, when you're growing too fast so your school uniform is perpetually too small.

The boys seem to be in agreement of this image, lol. Nino tells a story of how he was walking with his friends and sudden parts of him would start to hurt. Funny story. Nino asks, "What happens to women during their growth period?" Cue Aiba's question of: "They suddenly get huge?" This sets off Nino's curiousity so he wonders if women's breasts grow evenly. The boys just start asking questions and Sho finally gets tired and tells them to stop, lol. Of course...Aiba keeps asking.

Image #2: Having telephone consultations with "With All Your Effort TV" at age 14.

Image #3: Having a lover older than your mother at age 14.

Sho asks Muroi-san if she has dating someone with a large age difference and she says she has. She says that she goes to watch scary movies on dates. They also ask Ogura-san and he shares a story of how he was in the move theater and a guy grabbed his hand. Muroi-san is the type to attract perverts. So, she tells a story of how she was on the train and a salary man asked her for a tissue and was rustling his newspaper very fast and grabbed her hand, but she slipped away. She tells another story of being at the bank and a guy had a box with something flesh-colored.

Arashi's Homework:
Experiment: Which is the liquid that easily permeates paper the fastest?

There is a video message from the couple who stars in the drama with her, Shida Mirai and Miura Haruma. They talk about their first impressions of her. Miura-san talks about how Muroi-san actually slapped him and his nose hurt. Miura-san leaves to go film and Shida-san sends Muroi-san a message.

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