Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arashi no Shukudai-kun EP #10

Guest: Sugita Kaoru
Summary: Ogura-san says that it must be great to be Arashi who always gets cheers. Sho asks Ogura-san how it was like when he was young. Ogura-san says that it was a lot of trouble because he would always get whistling and cheering. Aiba jokes, "Really? Did Ogura-san even have a time when he was young?" The guest seems to have gotten into some trouble before the broadcast for trespassing onto the set of a live broadcast program, The Wide, so they addressed that. Then they talk her working with the boys for 24 Hour TV where Jun cried. She says that her impression went down after her wedding and divorce while Jun's favorable impression went up because he cried.

Sugita Kaoru's Homework: Rejuvenate the skin! Investigate and submit perfect collagen recipes. Presenter: Aiba

Sho and Aiba got on location to find the collagen dishes along with three ladies. They all visit various restaurants and eat together. Aiba feeds one of the ladies, lol. Group date? There is a funny moment where Aiba applies the collagen sashimi to the lady's face.

Sugita Kaoru, what did you do last night? Image #1: Looking back at the past to write her autobiography, she became unpleasantly sad.

Image #2: Forcibly took a two shot and sold the picture to a weekly magazine.

Apparently, Sugita-san has a pretty bad image. When she was younger, they called her the "King of Love Hotelas." Ohno asks her if she likes them and she answers that there are fun and has various things. Ohno asks what kind of things and Ogu-police makes an appearance, lol. Ohno asks if there is one particular hotel that she liked and Nino jokes that Ohno is aiming to be the second generation hotel king. Ogura-san asks Sugita-san if she has anything to say about how to live or love life, to Arashi since they are young. She says that she likes disposition quizzes. The boys laugh and Jun says that's fine not to do. Sugita-san also says that she doesn't want Arashi to fall into the clutches of a bad woman.

[Sugita Kaoru Romance Instrution]
Nino asks if there is a fullproof way of catching someone after all. She answers:
1. Catch them with your eyes.
2. Aim for the weaknesses.
3. Aim for people that have let themselves be broken down.

Ogura-san asks which one of the members would fall for her first. She answers, "First, Ogura-san."
He asks her if she really likes castles. She goes on to talk about various castles.

Image #3: Became a co-signer.

She talks about her loan discrepency that took 7 -10 years to resolve.

Arash's Homework:
Experiment: Between running on ice with shoes and riding on ice with a bicycle, which is faster?
Sho and Aiba test it out. So, what was the result?!

Sugita-san reveals an unexpected side to herself. She has been involved in the Tuberculosis Prevention Society for a while.

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