Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arashi no Shukudai-kun EP #7

Guest: Matsui Kazuyo
Summary: They start with talking about Ogura-san being 59 years old. Aiba wants to switch the topic to what Ogura-san said in his interview with an-an magazine. Ogura-san complains that they only asked about how it like to work with Arashi and how Arashi was, lol. Ogura-san talks about getting a letter from the guest asking him to watch her husband's drama.

Matsui Kazuyo's Homework: Submit information on high grade vegetables that are good for the body. Presenter: Nino, with help from Farmer Ohno.

Matsui-san states that people who grow vegetables safely and without concern have good faces. This becomes a running joke for the rest of the show. This lady is on point with her stuff, lol. She knows almost everything that Nino presents. There is a really cute moment where Aiba asks, "How is it different?" referring to the cabbages and Nino misheard him and answered, "It's a difference of five, ne~" The boys taste the difference between the cabbages. Jun has such a cute reaction for everything he ate. Nino is introducing the persimmons and the camera cuts to Aiba who already has a piece in his mouth, lmao. Ohno goes to get a piece and gets smacked by Nino since he's suppose to be selling it. CHEAP. Super cute.

Matsui Kazuyo Image #1: Husband, Funakoshi Eiichirou, is 30 minutes late coming home and she puts out a search request.

Aiba proposes the question, "Do you get in the bath together?" She talks about her husband and her sitting the tub together. She talks about how the they met, and Nino makes a joke that she found a good vegetable, lol. The story about the last name and their first meeting is very interesting.

Matsui Kazuyo Image #2: When cleaning in front of the entranceway, by the time she realized it, she had cleaned the whole neighborhood.

She likes to clean. She takes care of everything and gives her husband an allowance.

Arashi's Homework:
Experiment: Between Silky Tofu and Cotton Tofu, which is stronger?

The guest is asked to reveal an unexpected side of her. She answers with, "I'm perfectly comfortable with going into the men's bathroom." Also, "I often hitchhike."

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