Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arashi no Shukudai-kun EP #6

Guest: Suzuki Sarina
Summary: Arashi's 8th year. In the beginning, they mention it and asks Ogura-san how many years it's been for him. She worked with Jun and says that he was cheeky. Suzuki Sarina, what did you do last night? Image #1: Eating with friends in front of a convenience store. Image #2: Got into a fight with some kids after they called her an idiot. To prove that she is not an idiot, she shows off her special skill, which is English. They have her read the titles from the newspaper. Will her "stupid" image fly away?! She does a self introduction in English. Image #3: Gets violently drunk with Mitsuura after being dumped by her boyfriend. Jun reveals a story of when Sarina and Mitsuura called him up while in a gloomy mood and Jun hung up, lol. She talks about her type of guy. Image #4: Went to a meeting (yankee). She talks about how she's good at arm wrestling. She is confident that she can beat the weakest member of Arashi in arm wrestling. So, who does she play against? "I'm not weak. My muscles will tear if we try." READY GO! Suzuki-san also reveals that she has a really good memory. Nino says that he also has a good memory. She memorized the logos of named companies so they test her.

Arashi's Homework:
Field Glasses Experiment: If the kicker and goal keeper wore these glasses in a penalty kick, which one would have the advantage? Sho is the goal keeper.

Suzuki-san's Homework for the Audience:
Please investigate and submit a massage implement that makes you feel really good that you can use at home! Presenter: Jun

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