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Arashi no Shukudai-kun EP #11

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Guest: Watanabe Marina
Summary: Ogura-san asks Arashi about their Korean fans. Sho mentions how they study Japanese and make uchiwas with stuff like "Chiba-ken's important national treasure, Aiba" and "The best nipples, Nino."

Watanabe Marina's Homework: Investigate and submit rare teas that wouldn't normally catch your eye. Presenter: Nino

Watanabe-san was interested in Taiwan at one point and became interested in Chinese teas too. They get her to taste various teas, some of which she already knew about. The first one was rather expensive, so Aiba wanted to taste it too. He went over to where Ohno and Sho was, and Sho was yelling at him: "Don't come! Don't come, Aiba!" Ohno moves away and Aiba taps Nino to complain but Nino yells at him too: "Don't tap tap on me!" The second tea is called Oriental Beauty Tea. Aiba asks Ogura-san to give him some but Jun takes it first. The third tea is Tofu Residue Tea. The fourth tea is Watermelon Seeds Tea. It's recommended for people who have problems in the bathroom when combined with other components, since it controls the purification of ammonia. Aiba chimes in with his comment: "But you know there are people who do it at the same time, peeing and pooping." OH AIBA. NEVER CHANGE. The fifth tea is Insect Droppings Tea. Sho is horrified and says, "Ah, I drank so much."

Watanabe Marina, what did you do last night?

Image #1: Was being tormented by HoriKen's prank calls.
Image #2: Enjoyed the flavor of Thailand in her entry room.

Nino asks her, "What language do you speak in at home?" She laughs at this and jokingly answers back with, "Once in a while, Thai." People seem to tease her about being Thai for some reason. Ohno asks, "Eh, your husband is Japanese?" They ask her what she calls her husband. His first name is Jun so she just calls him "Jun-kun." They tried to get her to say it but Ohno says it instead, lol. She talks about how long she's been with her husband and why she loves him. She also talks about how he proposed to her and her mother-in-law joking around.

On-ice Silly Experiments (cont.): Sho & Aiba
Let's try to skate with various things! Which one will be the fastest?
- Banana skin skate shoes
- Soap bars skate shoes
- Abacus skate shoes

Can you cut foods with skate shoes?
- Chives
- Leek
- Burdock
- Daikon

Sho cheats and it's adorable, lol.

Will an optical illusion happen when a figure skater does a high-speed spin?
They attach a red piece of paper to the front of the figure skate and a white piece of paper on the back. So, will it become pink when she spins at high-speed?

Back to the show! Watanabe-san says that her husband hasn't been fickle. There are times that she doesn't know where he is. Ogura-san has a chart.

Ogura-san's Fickle Check:
If you have more than three of these, there might be fickleness.
- He leaves the room when his cell phone rings.
- He's often late coming home from meet ups.
- He averts his eyes during happy TV home dramas.
- He gets into the bath as soon as he gets home.
- His underwear has become flashy.

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